Put no knowledge above the deepest truth
you know within yourself

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    Creative Personal Growth

         Personal Growth occurs when you become who you are,

      not when you try to become who you are not.....



        Here at Self  Knowledge for Creative Personal Growth, we are interested in ways to be genuine and experience our autonomy. Life is a journey. There are many paths which we can take and different places they lead to. We are concerned with respecting and nourishing the uniqueness which is within each individual and the potential which is their birthright. We respect each person's right to be self directing and autonomous and believe that this can be most easily achieved through awareness of themselves - through Self Knowledge, rather than through strategies of trying to be a 'good person'. We have a trust in the innate goodness and wisdom of each person's spirit.



      Personality Theories for Self Knowledge
      Personality Theories appear to have existed as long as we have. As humans we appear to have a great need to know who we are, what is our innate personality. read more

      We have articles on what Freud, Jung, Carl Rogers, Buddhism and Astrology have to say on the question of Self.

      Inner Self

      We are all brought up within a particular family, within a particular culture at a particular time. Sometimes our inner self does not get encouragement. How we are brought up, how we are treated, the social conditions which exist at the time will all have an effect on who we grow up to think we are. read more

      We have articles on Feelings and Emotions, Intuition, Meditation, Personal Autonomy and Personal growth and more.

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